Basic question?

can i move to the next chapter ?

Do your lessons.
Do your reviews.
Level up.

There’s a FAQ and Guide if you want the details.


Welcome to WaniKani. There’s a system for getting to the next level:

SRS Level Next Level Total Wait Review
Apprentice 1 4h - Lesson
Apprentice 2 8h 4h 1
Apprentice 3 ~1d 12h 2
Apprentice 4 ~2d 1d 11h 3
Guru 1 ~1w 3d 10h 4
Guru 2 ~2w 1w 3d 9h 5
Master ~1M 3w 3d 8h 6
Enlightened ~4M 7w 5d 7h 7
Burned - 24w 6d 6h 8

When you learn a new item (radical, kanji), you will be tested on it four hours later, eight hours later, one day later, two days later.

During the first three review steps, your item is marked as “apprentice”.

After the “two days later” (fourth) step review, a correct review changes the item to “guru”.

When an item is “guru”, you are considered to have learnt it well enough to receive new lessons based on that item. New kanji or vocabulary (words and phrases) based on that “guru” item then become unlocked.

If you make an error during a review, you will go back two steps, except when you are in one of the apprentice steps, where you go back one step.

After a radical (blue background) item becomes “guru”, any kanji which is derived from that radical becomes available to you as a new lesson. After a kanji (pink background) item becomes “guru”, any vocabulary (purple background) derived from that kanji will be unlocked.

After 90% of a level’s kanji items become “guru”, you go up to the next level. Many people call this “levelling up”. Any vocabulary related to the recently guru-ed kanji becomes available. A new slew of radicals and kanji (for the next level) also become available.

Every day, someone posts a new thread about this issue or they complain it is too slow and not worth using.

As the number of guru’ed items pile up, you will eventually feel very differently about the workload. For example: one guru’ed kanji can result in three new words / phrases. Each level has 30 or more kanji. If you stick with the system, you will get busy.


It would help if you add more information to the question. It would also help if the topic title was more informative.

For example: “how do I move from level 1 to level 2?”

Right now, I don’t really know what you are asking. It is wasting your time if you don’t explain it properly.

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im sorry for everyone so this is my first time in this website, it’s so in atrractive. i have found that the 3 requirement so how i can pass this regulation ? i have follwed the suggestion as the pic shown, it is not filled up, can u suggest something thank

The checklist doesn’t mean anything. When you get to level 2 it will go away whether the boxes are checked or not.


sincerely, thank for your ans. then i have practiced in this website 2 day ago but i have to review about 26 radical repeatly. The new lesson is not unlocked so what i have to do next ? sorry about my understanding.:hugs:

The details were spelled out in wunderbunny’s post. Get your radicals to guru. Then they’ll unlock associated kanji. This info is all in all the links and descriptions we’ve been mentioning.

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Out of curiosity, what is your native language?

Another question, what about the level 2 - 3 from pic, im confusing that unlock is mean the next lesson right?

reply mr mrsaturn - Im Thai nice too meet u

thank you


You are able to access the first three levels without a paid subscription. If you decide to subscribe, you will unlock the remaining levels. You cannot, however, unlock the lessons for those levels until you’ve guru’d the radicals and kanji of the previous levels. (in your case, you still need to guru radicals/kanji of level 1. then you will unlock lessons for level 2)

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Those are the next levels (not the next lessons).

When a radical or kanji reaches guru, new lessons are unlocked with material from your level. Only levels 1, 2, and 3 are white because you are not a paying customer.

You will automatically unlock level 2 content when you finish level 1 (as explained above in better detail).

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I see. Good luck on your journey!


I apreciated for your kindness, of course, i will do my best !


Well, since you’re not a native speaker I’m sure you will learn lots of new English words along the way

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I think so too, Hopefully, I must try to improve my interpersonality both in Eng and Jp.

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This chart would be very helpful, but it doesn’t really seem to correspond to reality.

Sigh. As far as “leveling up” goes, all you can do is wait patiently for the site to get around to noticing that you’ve met the criteria…

What about it are you saying is wrong?

Also, was this really just bumping a 9 month old topic to complain about the thing you complained about in your own topic?

Sure it does. “All you have to do” is 1.) show up on time and 2.) get the answer right.

If you e.g. don’t do your reviews after e.g. 4 hours then of course your item will not move from Apprentice 1 to Apprentice 2 on its own. If you get the answer wrong then it won’t either.

Can’t quite tell if you really mean to be helpful or not, but I’ll assume the best…

Not really an issue of “bumping an old thread” or repeating myself. Looking for a chart like this one to try to understand the method, didn’t pay any attention to the date. Why is that relevant? Also, it’s not at all what I’ve talked about before.

I’ve found that, even getting all of the kanji correct, it takes at least twice the time indicated in the chart for leveling up. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something in the chart?

I love the basic premise of this site and have high hopes for it. I do get frustrated by the glitches, but am not a tech person myself and can understand how difficult it must be to get it right. It’s pretty amazing, actually.