Basic question?

Many many people have achieved 6 day 20 hour levels, or 3 day 10 hour levels for the short levels. All you have to do is do the reviews as soon as they’re available. (edit: obviously you have to do the appropriate lessons quickly as well)

Actually, it’s more lenient than that. You have an hour after they appear for them to be treated as if they were done “as soon as they were available.” The clock always rolls back to the start of the hour you did them in.

Your comment about “wait patiently for the site to get around to noticing” wasn’t a reference to the “you hadn’t subscribed yet” thing?

Your original comment made it seem like you think it’s a bug?

But I’ve never experienced any kind of delay in the site noticing me levelling up, so I don’t think it’s the kind of site-wide endemic issue you’re implying it is. If you’ve actually been held back from levelling up through a bug then that’s something you should report.

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