Badges problem


Hello. I have had a couple of badges problems as even though i make the required action to aquire a badge it is not happening, why is that? Has this happened to you?

An example would be “Edit profile, share link or emoji badges”


Badges don’t really work well. They come when they come, not when they should.


Yup, they take a while to appear for some reason. The last badge I got was the one for editing a post… which is something I do frequently. Don’t think about them too much, really, they’ll come :wink:


This was just being discussed in the derailing thread actually. Around here,

But yeah, sometimes they can appear after you’ve done something several times. No idea why.


We don’t acquire badges. I think the badges acquire us. We are like the buzzing of flies to the badges.


Best reply so far, thank you! I assume that is the case or at the whim of the crabinator


Thank you :slight_smile: i really appreciate it!


Yes i believe that they will come when they will just thought it was a bit strange xD


Thank you <3


It took weeks for me to get some that I thought I should’ve had, back when I was level 4. I even submitted a ticket at the time. They eventually came all at once. I wonder if some are level based?


Interesting something i have never actually taken under consideration, that might indeed be true!:heart_eyes:



“I Guess We DO Need Steenkin’ Badges” (Quest)


In case you’re wondering, that’s Mr. Alfonso Bedoya (1904-1957)


I know, thank you for clarifying.


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