Re level badge: does this annoy anyone else? [solved]

So this is a silly thing, but it’s causing me an irrational level of annoyance!

As you’ll all know, the community recognises the last level you’ve fully worked through as your current level. So I’m currently working through level 8 and as such the Community recognises me as level 7. This is a perfectly fair categorisation, but I think it would equally fair to recognise the user as the level they are currently working through - and I think I would prefer it to do so.

Does this annoy anyone else or is this one of those irrational ‘me’ things?

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The level badges on the forum can be slow to update. If you log out and log in again it should show you as your current level, level 8.


Is that the case? Because I think I’ve been level 8 for like a week.

It should be, it’s reporting 13 for me which is my current level. It does only update after I log back in again.


Ahhh, I never log out (I don’t think). That must be the issue. Lemme log out and back in. One sec.

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Yeah it can be quite slow, I’ve always had to log in and out to update mine


Et voila!

It worked. Thank you both!


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