Back-to-back, or not?

Just a simple question. There are two types of cards, one where you provide the Japanese reading, and another where you provide the English meaning. The program apparently gives the option of putting these two cards back to back, instead of randomized through your review session. Does this actually make a difference, or is it just a matter of preference?


I think there’s pros and cons to both.
If you do it back to back, it makes wrapping up reviews quicker. For example, if you have a huge amount (Say, 500) reviews, doing them one at a time and seeing the number actually going down can be motivating. Plus, if you have to do them on and off you don’t leave reviews half finished (Only one side of the card done or whatever)
However it also makes it easier to cheat. For example, say you knew the reading of a word but not the meaning. You put the reading first, and then check the meaning in the notes and since it’s the next word you’ll temporarily remember it and be able to get both sides right. I hope that makes sense…

If you have it completely randomized it takes longer to do and doesn’t lower the number as quick. A con is that if you get a review wrong it may not show up for another 10 or more cards, making you get it wrong several more times. Well, at least that’s a con for me, although for learning it might be better…

I hope that all makes sense and helps!


This isn’t available in WaniKani without scripts, and the scripts that add this functionality come with some side effects. Specifically that if you get a card wrong you’ll get reviewed on it immediately instead of (usually) after seeing a few other cards.

This isn’t really a problem though. There are only 10 active review cards at a time. Yes, you can get the second half of a card after more than 10 (because of randomization), but it’s statistically unlikely that you’ll get the other half after say 50+ reviews (0.5% chance of it coming after the 50th card if I did my math right). Also, if you really want to finish your active reviews, you have the wrap-up button.

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Does doing wrap-up only wrap up the ones you’ve already done one card for?

Doing the wrap up will wrap up your 10 active review cards. Its possible that you’ve done one part of all of those 10 active cards, but unlikely. There will probably be at least one card you’ve not seen, but it will get all the ones that you have done one side of.

This does assume that you review in a single session. If your review times out or you quit the page without wrapping up and then start a new review session, there may be cards that you have done one side of that are not in your 10 active review cards.

Thank you! I think I’ll just stick with random then so I can’t cheat. I appreciate all your help!


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