Avoiding Typos and Silly Mistakes

I found that my performance on Wanikani (And motivation) improved dramatically when I started to use apps on my iPhone and iPad where they tolerate silly mistakes and enable you to go back and revisit the word without penalising you. I use Tsurukame but there are plenty out there - see the Forum posts on useful scripts and apps.

Also Tsurukame seems to present me with the radicals and new Kanji to test first, which helps, rather than a random jumble of old stuff and new on WK site itself. I do the radicals and Kanji first and get into Apprentice then learn the vocabulary.

I have a full time job and kids so Iā€™m usually not that fast, but have managed to get into a regular 2 week
See snapshot below - level 13 onwards is when I started using the app!


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