Returnee… let’s restart! wanikani apps for iOS

Hey guys, old timers and new comers, I’m sure both still burning with kanji passions with inherent masochism of daily review and being numbed at seeing roasted turtles…

Level 50 user here from pre covid era. Got busy with work and covid ban from Japan Linda kills your motivation

Today I’m back in Japan, surprising I still remember how to read albeit with some mistakes and need some refresher. It’s scary what wanikani does to you. So yes, to those of you who are half doubting yourself why go through this wanikani torture, trust me, it’s good. I’ve even corrected my Japanese teachers who got their radicals wrong on multiple occasions, lol. Wanikani ftw!

Anyway, I feel like resetting my wanikani level, and do it all over again. I guess a new year resolution to start again. The old app I used to have on iOS is no longer there.

What are the current favourites and why?
I can see

I will look into it myself as well but ja bit burnt out from input overload, have a lot of things to do, so was hoping I could pick the brains of the community. I’m sure all of them would have the a lot of crossover. The essential is really preventing being called “wrong” when it’s a simple input error and the option to undo mistakes.

Thank you in advance. Appreciate it, cheers!

Happy new year!


No app recommendations?


I’m new but I’ve tried all those iOS apps. My plans keep changing, but right now I plan on doing all lessons and reviews on a laptop. I make so many mistakes using smartphone input which just don’t happen on a laptop. Even when I’m not making mistakes on the smartphone, my pace is so much slower that it would be on a laptop. If I’m out and about and only have the phone on me, I’ll probably practice writing kanji on it, or watch media/play games that are full of kanji.

Tsurukame gets a vote from me.

I personally would not have been able to keep up with Wanikani if it wasn’t for the app. I work all day away from home, and being able to bang out reviews during my work breaks was essential.

Tsurukame has all the extensions that I needed built in such as

  1. Ability to accept a wrong answer
  2. Lesson order prioritization
  3. Review order prioritization

I know some people have complained about having issues with Tsurukame. In the year I was using Wanikani, I never had a single issue myself. Maybe I was lucky.

There is also a testflight beta that has a few more bells and whistles, and maybe fixes some issues (while possibly creating new issues).

I have not tried Jakiepuu so I can’t give a comparison, unfortunately.

Hopefully this helps.

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Use a flick keyboard, it does wonders to accuracy, and believe me, you’ll have to eventually learn how to type properly (especially since japanese autocorrect is shoddy at best).


I’m going to have to stick with it until I can do itね。I’ll try. :slight_smile:

This! I wish I had used that much earlier in my Wanikani progress. I didn’t start using the flick keybord until I was level 43 which was the beginning of the fast levels. It slowed me down while I was getting used to it, but now I’m so much more faster and accurate and I can’t go back.


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