Audio won't play

Is anyone else having trouble playing audio in reviews? I tried disabling all my scripts (except the ignore script…) but the audio wouldn’t work. The audio icon showed the version that looks like it’s playing, but the audio never played. Sometimes I got the following error:

session:1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().

Maybe the audio source was just unavailable or something…

I believe WK uses a third party hosting service for audio and they’ve had issues with said service going down intermittently in the past. That could be it. Could be something else, though, too.

Is this occurring on the individual vocabulary pages?

for me, yes, i just did a review, then wanted to go back and listen to it again. It worked in the lesson but won’t play in the vocab page

Playing audio on the vocab page works fine. I was also having some other audio issues a few minutes ago and restarting my browser fixed it. So who knows if that was the original problem too.

I identified the issue on the individual vocab pages. We aren’t including both mpeg and ogg sources. Ogg is being included twice. If your browser doesn’t playback ogg, it just won’t playback at all.

Hotfix incoming.

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Fix is now live.


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