Audio only reviews

Is there any script/app I could use to make reviews do audio only so you have to train your listening comprehension? Maybe you could hover over it to see the characters if you wanted. If this isn’t an API already, please share the idea so someone might consider making one!

I’m guessing you mean during the actual Wanikani reviews? If simulated reviews are okay, Self-Study Quiz has an audio quiz option.

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I don’t understand how to use self study quiz. It keeps saying no items found.

Post some screen-caps of the Questions and Items screens in the settings. Basically, you have to have a combination of settings that matches a valid set of criteria. For example, selecting only ‘kanji’ and ‘audio’ won’t return any items because only vocabulary have audio.



Ahh, okay. A few problems:

  • You have the “Item type” filter enabled, but no item types selected, so that alone will make it not select any items for quizzing. If you want all item types included, just leave the “Item type” filter disabled. If you only want vocab, enable the “Item type” filter and select Vocabulary. (Though since you have only Audio questions enabled, it’s already only going to include Vocab, since only Vocab has audio

  • Remove the quotes from the Level filter. Just put 1..16
    Or better yet, 1..+0
    …meaning “from [level 1] to [your current level plus zero]”, so you won’t have to change it when you level up. I should probably add detection for the quotes and automatically remove them.
    I should add detection for quotes, and remove them if present. I realize the hover-tip shows quotes, which may be misleading. I didn’t intend the quotes to be included.

  • Unless you’re trying to restrict your results to one or more specific SRS level, you can disable the “SRS Level” filter. Same goes for any other filters that are scrolled off the screen in your snapshot.

  • All of the filter changes you made are being saved under the “All Wanikani Items” preset. If you want to customize a preset, you may want to click the “New” button to create an new preset, then give that preset a name (“Edit Preset Name”), and then set up the filters to select the specific items you want. I should probably replace the “All Wanikani Items” default preset with “All Current Level Items”, and turn on the Level filter with 1..+0


Alright it’s working now, thanks. Is there any way to make it show the correct answer at the end, or after I fail one?

Right after a wrong answer:
Click on the (?) icon, or press the hotkey F1.
It doesn’t show the answer automatically in case you want to try retyping it in case of a typo. To try retyping, just press Backspace.

At the end, on the Summary screen, just hover over your wrong answer, and the hover-tip will show the correct answer.

Cool thanks.

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Does it keep track of progress even if you leave and open it again later, or does it start your progress over each time you open?

It actually doesn’t track progress at all. It’s just a one-time practice quiz.

Does not track progress?

Heh… thanks for catching that. Posting while not yet fully awake :sweat_smile:
Edited above.

I wish it would keep your progress so that you’d know which items you had trouble recalling.

I guess there’s no way to distinguish homophones with this? :thinking:

I was trying to make an audio course on Memrise a while ago, and I went back to it the other day to find that they now seem to be basically ignoring the set testing direction as far as I can tell :tired_face: (and other changes that just kill it for me.)
So there goes that plan…