[Audio] EN->JP sentences based on grammar level

This is based on the idea from 4500 Sentences, but English > Japanese and from Glossika.com; coded by Python. If you can parse Python, you can also make a written/custom/shortened version.

Why EN->JP, not the other way round? Well, before of that topic, I am starting to think that EN->JP and JP->JP are both OK, but JP->EN alone should eventually be avoided. We should try to think in Japanese!

N5: Dropbox - JLPT-N5.mp3 - Simplify your life
N4: Dropbox - JLPT-N4.mp3 - Simplify your life
N3: Dropbox - JLPT-N3.mp3 - Simplify your life
N2: Dropbox - JLPT-N2.mp3 - Simplify your life
N1: Dropbox - JLPT-N1.mp3 - Simplify your life

Chinese version also available, because I am learning Chinese right now.

For the speaking speed, you can use Audipo Android app to control the speed.


So these translations come from that glossika site?

No. From JLPT Grammar from Jtest4you, actually

Just curious, because I chuckled when I played the N4 file and heard もけろんでございます

I mean, obviously not an incorrect pair of lines, but seemed odd with no context.

Where did that site get the sentences from?

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