Have you sat the JLPT N2?


I’m going through the listening section of some JLPT N2 past papers. However, my studies are focused on listening by using native sources (radio, videos, youtube, TV etc.)… so the past papers seems quite slow. Has anyone else found this? If possible, can you confirm that the speaking speed in this video is about the same speed that you had in the JLPT N2.

Thank you!

Yep that’s it it’s really slow. If you are fine with youtube and radio the listening should be very easy for you.

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I mean, obviously some natives speak faster, but I don’t feel like this is ever unnaturally slow, as though they’re going out of their way to do it. They’re just never hitting faster speeds. This isn’t that different from the Japanese I hear in school in Japan. Teachers talk at about this speed when giving lessons.


Yes let me rephrase, as Leebo says, it isn’t unnaturally slow, at least for the situations in which the dialogues are taking place.

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@Leebo @Steezis

Yeah, definitely agree that it doesn’t sound unnatural. I think I may have had a run of fast speakers and then went straight to a well regulated, clear listening (the practice test). Thanks for the replies.

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