Audio Echoing in Review

That is very important information

it’s definitely not only the double-check script. i’ve had echoing too (only noticed it on lessons so far, haven’t really checked on reviews), and i don’t have double-check installed. will investigate properly when i do reviews.

It worked fine for me @rfindley! (Firefox89 on Win7)
And I think I have the gamut of you and @Kumirei’s most popular scripts and encountered no issue with the audio anymore.

Thank you very much for the quick fix and thank you as well for allowing to chug along WK again like before!


Thank you! Just completed a batch of 200+ reviews with lightning mode enabled and the audio played every time. There was one card which triggered several sounds at once but everything else worked as intended, so it was either just a fluke or caused by something unrelated.

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didn’t have any problems in reviews, so that’s good ^^

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I had the echoing too, I found it amusing =P

Now I just got it on last item (which has always been buggy and repeating, but now it sounds cursed on top =P )


I though so too. It sounded like if we all were worshipping :crabigator: by chanting the Kyoko version uncoordinated.
evil laugh