Audio Bug when taking Reviews

There seems to be a really annoying bug.
After I complete a Vocabulary Reading item, the audio replays every time I press a key. It only disappears after I answer a non-Vocabulary reading item.

I’ve tried closing and opening my browser and restarting my laptop, but it doesn’t seem to work.

The bug doesn’t appear on the phone but it’s a bit difficult to use Wanikani on the phone rather than on the laptop.

Are you using scripts?

Maybe there is some interference from some script. Try turning them off to see if the bug disappears. If so then turn them on one by one and check if the bug reappears. You will find out which one is the culprit.

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I haven’t used any scripts. Just using what Wanikani gives in their website.

Someone else had a similar issue a while ago.

I think in the end for them it was an issue with antivirus software that was causing the issue. Maybe check that out or try clearing any cookies that you have installed. Have you also tried WaniKani in a different web browser?

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Thanks @DollyDaydream, this sounds identical to the issue I was having, which turned out to be due to Kaspersky’s free security cloud (I’m not sure if this applies to other AVs). It might have been possible to solve the issue by tweaking the settings since I’m guessing that it was something to do with the active monitoring by security cloud in the web browser which probably could be selectively switched off somehow, but I just ended up uninstalling it (which solved the issue).


Oh i’m not the only one, I was going crazy trying to figure it out.

I did have an update of Kaspersky yesterday an they tried adding the extension to my chrome browser.
I fixed the issue by disabling this parameter :

French : Configuration > Paramètres du Réseau > Traitement du trafic > Autoriser l’application à intéragir avec les pages internet

So it should be something like : Configuration > Network parameters > Traffic processing > Allow the application to interact with internet pages

Hope that can help someone someday !

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This did not work for me, but you pointed out the right direction :wink:
I had to completely deactivate the browser add-on. I think it only happens with Kaspersky.

Yep, it turns out Kaspersky was the cause.
For what it’s worth, I uninstalled and re-installed the software.
It’s been a month but the issue/bug is no longer there.

Thank goodness.

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