Audio and word do not match (報じる)

While going through my lessons, I noticed that the audio that automatically plays for 報じる does not match the word (I think she’s saying そういん). Additionally, it’s a female voice that plays, and this word doesn’t even have a female version, as shown in the screenshot below.

This also seems to be the case for 報道.

Also, the audio on reviews is correct.

Has anybody else noticed this?

I went to the vocab page and played the audio and it was clearly ほうじる. Sounds like maybe you have the same issue reported here:

Adding @JenK and @Viet since it sounds like you’re at least the second person to see this while doing lessons.


Thanks for the tag. We’ll check it out and see what the issue could be.


i’ve noticed that sometimes going back and forth between items on lessons can sometimes cause the audio of some items to switch around, so maybe that’s what it is @JenK


@hannah218 @lucihdos
Do you have any scripts on WaniKani when this happens?

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