Audible - Suggestions?

I’ve signed up for the free month trial of Japanese Audible.

Anyone got any suggestions for decent stuff to listen to?

I listened to something called
魔法があってもいいじゃないッ! on Itunes which was pretty entertaining, so I’d like to see what else I can get out of audiobooks.

Harry Potter - you probably already know the plot so you won’t worry about missing something. Plus it should have the kindle/audible simultaneous reading thing enabled.

Or just go to categories and choose whatever looks most interesting, that way you probably won’t stop listening halfway through the book ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The problem with that is mostly its motivational books and porn on the new releases and recommended books.

Japanese people really seem to love motivational porn.

Who doesn’t though :wink: And given that my recommendations are mostly made up of the authors that I’ve read/listened to already, you seem to like it as well :wink:

Seriously though, maybe just select a different category?

英字新聞 seems particularly great for learning Japanese /s

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