FREE Audiobooks at Audible! Corona Quarantine Bonus
The experience is completely free – no log-ins, credit cards, or passwords required. Just click, stream and listen.

I haven’t checked how many, nor their quality, but Japanese is in the list!!! <3
I will definitely have a listen! =D


I haven’t tried Audible in all my life, but this is like saying this is my chance. They have Japanese too, which can be used for listening practice! :heart_eyes:


This is great, thank you!

I started listening to the first one in the Japanese list (without reading the title lol), and was surprised to find myself listening to an entertainer for children! Fast-speaking and kind of intense, but because it’s for kids it’s repetitive and exaggerated enough for me to understand quite a lot :smile:
I could only listen to 10 minutes before tiring out though, will come back to it and listen in 10 minute installments :sweat_smile:

EDIT: おやこ寄席ライブ 1巻


A nice gesture from them. Too bad it’s only kids books. I wonder why.

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Probably to help all the people who’s kids’ schools are closed. Firstly to help keep them entertained, and secondly to provide some alternative education.

Edit - just read the message, and yes, it seems the motivation for doing this specifically comes from school closures / kids who are in isolation.


I just watched an anime about 落語 and I loved it so much, so I’m excited to see there are quite some 落語 for children in this collection. I only listened to about 10 minutes of one but I think I’ll be able to understand at least the main points, yay!


I hope you mean Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

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Sure, I don’t think there are many more anyways :smiley: I’m on second season now, hope it stays awesome (and maybe doesn’t break my heart again)


There was a Sherlock Holmes rakugo show recently that was not particularly interesting, so I was just hoping you didn’t mean that one sweat_smile


As well as being meant for the schools closing, it is probably partly cause they don’t want to give away big books =P

They seem to have added more items… including HARRY POTTER!! =D

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i was so confused. I had a new reply this morning, but then it vanished from my notifications. Went to look at the thread and it wasn’t there, nor a “Deleted item will be removed in24 hours”.
Looked in my email, there I could read it.
Oh, yeah linking to how to steal stuff! O_o
Thanks, but no thanks!

Didn’t know that when admins remove it is gone!
Thanks to admins for keeping it clean! <3

The Japanese section has changed quite a bit since I last checked!
They removed Harry Potter though… (I bought it so I could listen to it forever, legally <3 )


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