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I might hold off on Aria this week to finish 聲の形. I read all of volume 6 between Wednesday night and Thursday after work. It was finally compelling enough to make me want to read it faster.

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You should go for it.
About volume 6, I really loved the interactions between the characters without 石田 around. In particular, the scenes between 上野 and 西宮.
A bit sad there’s no thread to talk about all that :thinking: Is there some kind of general manga discussion thread where this would not be derailing?

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I usually use the 多読 thread to discuss random books.

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Oh, I just thought about asking you guys if we had seen them before, since I couldn’t be bothered with going back and check. You gave me the answer already :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Finally some closure!


Oh yeah, I was gonna cross-post that comment to this week’s thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had to scroll a lot to find this thread in the list of Japanese threads ordered by recent activity :sweat_smile:


It’s funny to think how long it took to even get the Reading Section created, and now look at everything that happens in it on a weekly basis! :open_book::books::blue_book::closed_book::green_book::smiley_cat::two_hearts:


It makes me so happy!

and also mildly stressed


The penultimate week of the penultimate volume! That sounds auspicious.


Does that mean the “Special Navigation” chapter at the end of this Masterpiece volume is included in next week’s reading? (chapter 60 is p.300 to 333, special navigation goes to p.352)

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Yes. You can check the schedule in the first post.

Speaking of which, how much break should we have between books?

  • 0 week
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • Other

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Should we start an Amanchu club after Aria? Has anyone read or watched it?


I’ve read the first volume. It didn’t hold my interest (disclaimer: I love Aqua/Aria), but so little happened that I’m planning to give volume 2 a read and see where it goes.

Here are my thoughts on volume 1. There’s not much to spoil, but I’ll blur anything I think can constitute a spoiler. Also, putting behind a details click.


The main character is a happy-go-lucky girl who goes by the name Pikari. She enjoys everything and doesn’t concern herself with consequences. She’s willing to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. She loves diving underwater, and is quick to seek out the diving club at her new school.

Another main character is her timid classmate who lacks confidence, a girl named Futaba. Her shyness keeps her from willingly associating with anyone or trying out anything. If you had to guess which after-school club she’d join based on her personality, you’d quickly decide on the “going home club”.

The two have a strong contrast: For every new experience, Pikari is energized and excited, whereas Futaba is frozen in place and hesitant.

Their teacher, Miss Katori, rounds out the main characters in volume 1. She’s headstrong, and the type who will openly butt heads with Pikari’s eccentricities.

The outline of volume 1 is: starting a new school, joining the diving club, and learning the basics about being underwater.

My take on the characters: Right now, they feel like 2D caricatures. Pikari and Futaba are polar opposites (extrovert vs introvert), and Pikari has some odd nonsensical habits (such as always blowing a whistle). I hope the characters are fleshed out more in the following volumes in a way that I can look back on volume one and say, “Oh yeah, that’s absolutely how this character is.”

The big plus for あまんちゅ! is that it’s currently the author’s only series available digitally.

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Is that the diving one? I’ve seen quite a bit of the anime and found it… slow. And the characters were pretty over-the-top (including a sister who violently kicks and punches her brother as comic relief, which is just a huge turn-off for me).

There was a disappointing lack of diving - the scenes there were were beautiful, but few and far between. This could have been due to budgetary constraints though, so the manga might feature more?

I agree with ChristopherFritz’s general feelings.


There’s also a lack of gondoliering in Aria. :upside_down_face:

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Fair, fair :joy: but in this one the diving felt like its redeeming feature…


While I’m not super interested in that manga in particular, I’d definitely join if we continued with some other manga after finishing Aria, regardless of which one(that’s basically the case with me and all the book clubs… unfortunately I’m a bit behind on most of them at the moment though).


It’s been quite a while since I watched/read Aqua/Aria, but I’d say what I got out of the series breaks down something like this:

30% character personality and character interactions
30% plot and scenario (including mysterious situations)
30% appreciating scenery
10% gondola things (such as training and promotion)

Looking at volume 1 of あまんちゅ!, it’s been:

5% character personality and character interactions
5% plot and scenario
30% appreciating scenery
30% diving things (including teaching about diving)
30% “I want to like this series because Aqua/Aria are not available digitally, and my physical copies are currently inaccessible”

This sounds awfully negative to the series, and I don’t mean for it to. I definitely plan to read volume 2 (haven’t purchased it yet) to see where things go from here (although @Radish8’s mention of later characters does not inspire confidence in me).

I will say, the idea of a lack of diving isn’t the biggest issue for me. It’d be nice to see the underwater drawings of various dives sights, but what matters most for me is the character interactions and events. If volume 2 doesn’t pick up/improve in that regard, I don’t know whether I’ll continue to volume 3 or not. (Too soon to tell.)

Edit: I don’t recall just how often gag faces were used in Aria, but I feel they are way overused in Amanchu!.


The faces are used all the time in Aria too, which is one of my least favorite things about the art.

@Ditto20 Are there any manga you’d particularly like to read slowly with a group?

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I’ve watched the anime. It’s… pretty good, but I’m kinda more interested in the Venice-ness of Aria than the scuba-diving-ness of Amanchu. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Amanchu cats creep me out a bit, though. Those faces…