Are there wanikaniっぽい online platform to learn grammar?

Greetings fellow wanikani users!

First of all I’m so glad that i found wanikani through jisho to build up kanjis and volcabularies. ive tried quite a few apps and most of those don’t really work (either not thorough enough or couldn’t help me). i wish i could found this sooner!

ive been studying N3 japanese like forever. mostly because im a bit lazy. I am already out of college and work full time. so, i don’t think i will pick up any ‘real’ books after work; honestly i will not do that (not think).

and thats why wanikani comes in handy, at wanikani level3, although i already knew 80% of the kanjis, i feel it helps my memory to get into my brain. and most importantly, i dont have to open any books. i really dont mind doing 200 words/others every night.

i would like to ask are there any similar online platform to learn japanese grammar? just to help with memory.
i am taking online lessons, it helps but that is mainly for japanese speaking with native speaker.
i tried jp…pod101, not too convenient for lazy learners.

i guess im asking too much? but thank you for any tips and inputs!


Bunpro is an SRS for grammar, and is pretty popular.


BunPro SRS for the win!


wow thank you very much, i just tried for some minutes and its exactly the things i wanted!


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