Is there any application to learn Grammar through SRS method just like WaniKani?

Hello everyone,
Can’t believe without much efforts, I learned more than 300 Kanjis in under 70 days. Thanks to WaniKani for making such an awesome application to learn Kanji without much efforts. Also. thanks to this beautiful community as whenever I had a question, I just had to post it in here and in short time could find the solution.

I am probably going to give N3 this July, so was thinking if there are any application like Wani Kani where I can learn grammars using SRS method as SRS method has been so effective for me.

My regret in life after living 4 years in Japan is why I couldn’t find WaniKani when I first came to Japan. Making it a habit of doing reviews everyday.

Any suggestions for Grammar?

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Yes, Works very similar and is quite effective. Be aware that the reviews are tougher and you get a lot more than wanikani, so go easy on yourself.


Thank you so much.

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Jalup teaches vocab and grammar through an SRS method too. It starts from nothing and builds from there. It might be worth looking into too.


I made a thread on this a while back, and the answer was basically what you have already gotten: Bunpro. I have used it for a little while now, and it is fantastic. It is not quite as easy to quantize grammar as kanji, so you wont learn grammar solely dependent on it, but it is great. I use Genkis grammar section, and online articles on grammar to learn the grammar, then bunpro to put all in one place and SRS it.


Same. I love that Bunpro has a path for Genki and Tobira. I like getting explanations and exercises from those books and then using Bunpro for repetition. I also use the grammar search function to look up grammar I’ve not seen before when I am reading.


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I know people already said this, but Bunpro is seriously good. One thing I really love about it is that it gives you links to other grammar pages or videos that you can look at so you can better understand the grammar even more! :))


I’ve just started Bunpro and I’m really enjoying it. I honestly wish I’d found it sooner! Thanks to WK community, I was able to practice/review grammar points daily.

TY WK <3

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