Are there any grammar quizzes like this?

Does anyone know any websites that do quizzes like this one on
Quiz On Regular Vs. Irregular Plural Nouns |

I was thinking since it exists in English, maybe there’s a Japanese one

Many companies have aptitude tests for applicants, and those tests (for example the SPI) have a language part as well. I would try googling things like 就職 適性検査 国語, or 就職 模擬試験 国語, or simply SPI 国語.

Many questions are of course kanji based (what is the reading of this kanji? What is the meaning of a certain kanji in this context?), but I think there are other question types as well. For example this one seems to have 5 different types of questions:


Thank you! That’s really cool! Also super thank you for including the name in Japanese :smiley:

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Maybe Japanese Projects | Steven Kraft or Don's Japanese Conjugation Drill might be interesting for you?
Also there are lots of links on the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! - maybe you find something interesting in there as well.

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