April 1 2022 Content Updates


(1) - updated reading mnemonic.

(56) - made “confused” primary meaning, moved “mixed” to alternative meanings, added “confusion” to allow list, and updated meaning and reading mnemonics.

(50) - added “inn” and “pavilion” to alternative meanings, and updated meaning mnemonic.

(14) - added おり to kun’yomi readings.

(1) - added しょう to the reading warning list.


学年 (5) - added “year level” to allow list.

交錯 (56) - updated meaning explanation.

反省 (21) - updated meaning explanation.

〜斤 (5) - added “counter for bread loaves”, “counter for bread”, “number of bread loaves” and “number of loaves of bread” to allow list.

流す (12) - added “to flower” and “not flow” to the block list.

町民 (7) - added “townsperson” as alternative meaning and updated meaning explanation.

以後 (7) - updated collocation translation.

麻布 (50) - added あざぶ, あさふ, and まふ to the reading warning list.

絶つ (28) - added “to die off” to block list.

除いて (33) - added “excess” to block list.

Transitive Verb Updates

指定する (11) - added “transitive verb” to word types, and added “to appoint something”, “to assign something”, “to designate something” and “to specify something” to allow list.

放送する (11) - added “transitive verb” to word types, added “to broadcast something” as primary meaning, and moved “to broadcast” to allow list.

決定する (11) - added “to decide something” and “to determine something” to allow list.

保持する (11) - added “transitive verb” to word types, and added “to maintain something”, “to preserve something” and “to retain something” to allow list.

開放する (11) - added “transitive verb” to word types, added “to open something up” as primary meaning, added “to throw something open” and “to open something to the public” as alternative meanings, and moved “to open up”, “to throw open” and “to open to the public” to allow list.

待つ (12) - added “to wait for” and “to wait for something” to allow list.

心配する (12) - added “to worry about”, “to worry about something”, “to be concerned about”, “to be concerned about something”, “to be anxious about”, “to be anxious about something”, “to be worried about” and “to be worried about something” to allow list.

感じる (13) - added “transitive verb” to word types.

消化する (14) - added “transitive verb” to word types, added “to use up” as alternative meaning, added “to digest something” and “to use something up” as allow list meanings, and updated on context sentence translation.

期待する (14) - added “transitive verb” to word types, and added “to expect something” and “to anticipate something” to allow list.

折る (14) - added “to fold something” to allow list.

合わせる (14) - added “to join something together”, “to unify something” and “to match something” to allow list.

待たせる (14) - added “transitive verb” to word types, moved “to make wait” and “to keep waiting” to allow list, updated meaning explanation, and updated one context sentence translation.

着ける (14) - added “to put something on” and “to wear something” to allow list.

狭める (26) - added “to narrow something” as primary meaning, added “to reduce something” as alternative meaning, moved “to narrow” and “to reduce” to allow list, and updated reading explanation.


Thank you, Jenny!


Thank you, Jenny! :grin:

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April Fools! /s


That was my first thought. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you jenny

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If intransitive verb updates are scheduled for the next batch, I’d vote for adding “to be broken” to the acceptable synonym list for 折れる.

I’ve gratefully developed the habit of typing “to something” and “to be ” to ingrain transitivity pairs. The primary meaning of “to break” makes the most sense, but since it’s intransitive I think it’s important to accept “to be broken” as well (I’ve finally added it as a user synonym today).

Thanks for the constant and continuing improvements!


@TofuguJenny is it possible to blacklist increase for 減らす?
Accidentally got it “right”:


Done and done! :grinning:


@TofuguJenny The tags are all messed up for the kanji 彼 reading explanation

Amazingly, it looks right visually on the site.

Hi @UInt2048 Unless I’m missing something, the tags look okay on my end, though there was a blank space right at the beginning of the reading mnemonic. I removed that, so let me know if that fixes things on your end!

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Whatever you did fixed it; thank you!

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I double checked to see if they’d said that 里心 had been removed…


That’s awesome.

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It was removed - last October, apparently - though they’re still yet to mention that in an update post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well this is awkward.


They announced it in one of the weekly content updates back when they removed it. It’s in its own section on hidden items all the way at the bottom of the update:


Maybe we should postulate for it to be re-added then? :joy:
Alongside a katakana reading for fugu.

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“Postulate”? Maybe we should put down the thesaurus before someone gets hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish they would, I’ve both encountered it in the wild and used it in conversation :slight_smile:

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