What point should I start reading?

I tried to use the app Satori Reader but even the basic introductory level readings have too many kanji I don’t know. I look at it and it’s so hard to even read a single sentence because I might know only one kanji in the entire sentence.

What other iPhone apps do people use for practicing reading?

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Have you adjusted your settings?

You can adjust the amount of kanji in texts.

Tadoku grade 0 readers have very little kanji, so might be worth checking out

To answer your thread title question, so long as you have kana down, I don’t think any time is too early. I wish I had tried reading more earlier in my journey.

As for apps, it depends. Are you looking for dictionaries or what exactly? Apps that feed you lower level stories?


Satori Reader was a little too hard for me when I first started, too. You’ll get there in time, but it might be better to try starting with free graded readers like Tadoku. They have “level zero” books with very easy stories and kanji, and you can move up in difficulty one level at a time.

Apparently Tadoku also has an app, but I personally haven’t checked it out. Good luck!

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I think the best point to start reading is the start of the book.


generally around wanikani 20 or JLPT n4 is a good time to start reading


in no time you are gonna wish that they would put more kanji and less kana… I started the little prince in japanese and got so annoyed not knowing where one word started and another ended. dropped it real fast. (though i later read it in german and I guess it is also quite weird so that might have been an issue as well)


How much are you ok with basic vocabularies with Furigana and basic grammar? At that point, you might be able to read Graded Reader Level 0-1. If you can start with some listening, you might be able to go further – still with Furigana.

If you have started and got some basics down, Satori or reading with Yomichan might be easier.

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How much grammar have you studied?

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Satori Reader app is meant for those at an intermediate level. Try the Manabi Reader app as that has an N5 reading section and you can click on any vocabulary word you want to see the meaning of.

There is also a manga that teaches Japanese called Crystal Hunters. The manga you read through the kindle app and on their websites they had free guides that go along with the manga. Natural Japanese is the harder version so just look at the Japanese version of book 1-7. The guides show all the vocabulary and grammar being used so you should be able to read the full thing.