Advice for some resources?

I’m using

  1. Wanikani
  2. Human Japanese
  3. Genki
  4. Bunpro
  5. ForjoyTV
  6. Manabi reader
  7. Hellotalk


  1. ( when finished human japanese I ) Lingodeer
  2. some Youtube channel when reach N3

is this bundle good?
I see the list of resources but don’t know how to curate them !

I know I’m only beginner like you, so take with a grain of salt, but alongside wanikani I’m doing Cure Dolly and TaeKim for grammar (just reading and a few exercises, no memorisation). I’m planning on Satori reader for once I’m level 10, but until then, just Wanikani, and when I feel like doing Japanese but don’t have reviews I use the two grammar resources.

about you:
CureDolly is youtube after I reached N3
I did genki, so not need Teakim
I use manabi reader, it’s free ( and better?) than satori reader

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Thanks jays, I will look at Manabi reader :blush:


I LOVE (Japanese). It’s a paid site but you can get lifetime for a decent price. They normally have a sale before Christmas. Rocket has grammar, conversations, writing, culture, listening, some reading, and lots of fun reinforcement activities. Everything you need except a huge kanji section. (That’s why you have WK!)

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Manabi Reader creator here - thanks for the shout! As an indie dev I rely on word of mouth like this. Please let me know if I can help somehow. I’m actively working on improving the app (working on Anki integration right now) so any feedback is appreciated.

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