Advice needed for learning to write kanji please

Instead of doing 1 set of writing each kanji 10 times, I recommend doing 3 sets of writing each kanji 2-4 times instead, maybe switching to a different sheet of paper for your last set to test your recall. It works out to roughly the same amount of time spent, but it’s just higher quality study imo - when I practice the same kanji over and over, I find my brain starts to switch off.

When I first started writing practice, I did it in conjunction with my wanikani reviews by just writing each kanji review I got a few times. There’s a userscript which adds the stroke order to the information under the kanji for convenience.

As for stationary, the kuru toga 0.5 mechanical pencil and kokuyo b5 grid paper combination has treated me so well and just makes for an incredibly satisfying writing experience. I highly recommend!
Here’s what it looks like for reference. Good luck with your studies :slight_smile: