App Idea

App  Idea

When doing my university work and reading journal articles, I realised I have to look up words in the dictionary every now and again. The main problem is that when I come across the word again I struggle to remember what the word means. 

I wanted an SRS system where I can enter words, but didn't think the Memrise system would be suitable for what I wanted. 

I want a calendar view, where I can enter the words I learn on a specific day, by clicking the day of the month. 


After entering the word, I want the word to come up again using SRS systems to learn such as WaniKani. I want one of the reviews to also test the pronunciation of the word, similar to the DuoLingo app. Tests: 

  • 1st review: Shows the word and asks for a definition 

  • 2nd review: Shows the definition and asks for the word 

  • 3rd review: Asks for the pronunciation of the word 

  • 4th review: Asks you to use the word in a sentence 

I would also like an option where you can see words that you've added in a day, week and month in a list format, by clicking tabs. 

  • Daily view 

  • Weekly view 

  • Monthly view 

Another option later on could also be the possibility to filter by category/ topic. This would allow you to filter words by subject and could have applications for language learning. As well as main topic, there could also be an option for subtopics. 

The idea came to after coming across words and being frustrated by not retaining what I've learnt. My problem is I have no experience as a programmer and don't know where to get started and what type of programming software would be good to use?

Do you think it would be realistic to take on such a project and be able to complete it within a year?

If this would app would be too challenging to create, does anyone know of similar apps that I can use. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Try Houhou. It don’t think it has all the features you are looking for but it is close enough