[Android] LearnWords: wanikani + customised learning curves


I’ve been using WaniKani 2x a day for a while, and around level 30 I started getting frustrated because I found the mnemonics not as memorable as the earlier levels, and I also noticed that I had unburned words from as far as level 2 or 7… So I started making my own app for general memorization based on my experience and my research. I’ve tested it on my Japanese colleagues who study English and it went surprisingly well!

I recently integrated part of the WaniKani API with my app but I don’t have English speakers around so I’m looking for a few testers to give me an opinion. Here are the main features, more info in the screenshots:

  • Different learning curves for different words. WaniKani does not take into consideration the fact that some words are easy to remember and some are hard, so you get the same SRS intervals for everything. I kept failing the same kanji again and again at the same levels! On the other hand there are words I memorized as soon as I saw them. So this app calculates how often you should train on each word based on how much time it took you to fail a review.
  • Training. Sometimes when you miss a word, just looking at the right answer in your browser is not enough to memorize it. This app proposes short training exercises based on my own work on artificial neural networks.
  • WaniKani syncing: If you input your V2 API key, the app will sync with WaniKani to calculate learning curves based on you missed reviews. If some WaniKani words are not in your local database, the app will save them for you (but you will still have to approve them before they are added to your training cycle)

I haven’t integrated the WaniKani website itself in the app as the app is more general-purpose, so you still need to go to wanikani and do your reviews religiously! But hopefully you’ll get better stats. I know I do…

I wish I had testers for the different functions, but also to help me catch untranslated text – I initially developed the app in Japanese and as an afterthought translated it in English, so there are likely some missing translations. I’ll send you a link to the app if you contact me at cyberoctopus.softwares at gmail dot com . You can already find it on google play but I’ll make the link public after I find some testers!

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I fixed a bunch of bugs already and I updated the design, but I am still looking for testers if anyone is interested!