API Version 2 changes in regards to SRS stages

I find the vocab lessons pretty easy to go through, since the reading is normally the one WK teaches you first for the Kanji, and at least so far you can normally connect the meaning to the Kanji the word is composed of.

If something comes up sometimes I will skip an hour or so for reviews/lessons, but it’s pretty rare. Right now I’m working from home thanks to the current quarantine situation, so it’s pretty easy to find a few minutes every hour to do the reviews and lessons.

Yeah that makes sense. What did you do before, when you weren’t working from home?

When I was back at the office I was doing a more segmented schedule of reviews in the morning, at lunch, and then every hour after work. And also during bathroom breaks at work. I’d recommend getting a good WK app for your mobile device if you haven’t already.

Usually the meaning is clear, with maybe a couple strange ones in the pack. I’ll use the given mnemonics, and maybe create my own. Most of the readings are also easy, since I have learned them in the Kanji. The hard ones are the unlearned readings and the few vocab with kanji that have multiple possible onyomi (ie: 大 and 人). Overall, that is like less than a quarter of what needs to be given, so just getting 75% of the hard stuff is enough to get a good enough ratio overall. And the hard stuff will come out after a few failures.

Also, since @girakacheezer gave theirs, here is my WK stats:

Okay, cool. Well thanks for the alternative studying method. I do like the idea of having broken up lessons that are smaller. I’ll probably give it a try for a couple of days and see how it works out in terms of my liking and if I find it worth the switch. I’m just so used to grinding out reviews and lessons all at once because that’s the type of person I am. I like to sit down and just go to something until I finish it (of course that isn’t really realistic in some cases, but I still try and do it). But seeing how you’re a lot more efficient with this method I’m curious if I could make the switch or if it would mess with me too much haha.

And yeah, I’m actually a lot farther along in Japanese than “level 1”. Also, I’m trying to learn more so (now) the meanings from reading rather than just the meaning of kanji. I’ve had a lot of trouble hearing words I know, and seeing words I know when they are just in kana - so I rely too heavily on the kanji to get the meaning.

Anyone else get a random new lesson today? Just got 広がる in my vocab at level 60 with no new lessons.

Edit: Just found a content update thread.


Y-you’re a tease





i love you too kumirei! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am really interested in the idea of different SRS ranges. I would benefit from a third guru level, like a second two week review.

Count me in for appreciating the -1hr thing, too. It really does make a difference, even when you might not know it.

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Interesting thing with the grammar. So you think that in the future there won’t be two products (WaniKani and EtoEto) but just WaniKani (which also includes grammar)?


That would be awesome! (For the same price of lifetime we already paid :slight_smile:)

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But would WaniKani become TOO powerful? Even the Crabigator can only hold so much might…

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That’s blasphemy!


If the Crabigator is so almighty, could he create a vocab lesson so difficult even he can’t Guru it?


I don’t know what was your previous lvl, but you should get some listening practices through podcasts or YouTube videos. That should help more. I’m not super good at remembering the reading, so when I hear something familiar on YouTube I will be like, “Eh? Is that what I think it is?” It also helps that Japanese people puts a lot of japanese subs!

Yes, but at the same time he could guru it


I think we’ve rediscovered Russell’s Paradox…

The correct conclusion is that reality is not a system capable of reasoning about the Crabigator.


And the main positive side of this hour less is not that reviews will appear one hour earlier each time but that if you have a regular schedule but sometimes do your reviews one hour late (or part of them when you have a lot), the next review will again be at your usual review time.


I agree with you . At first I was trying to go full speed. Now entering the 20 something levels , I understand why Wanikani calls it the “Death” levels. I am starting to slow down a bit because the memorizing part gets a bit harder.

At the same time , I also started Genki 1 a couple of months ago , and together with WK, it does make a more gratifying experience. Knowing how to make sentences is just as important as understanding kanji and vocab.

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