Starting_srs_stage vs ending_srs_stage

What’s the difference (in API v2)?

If I use ending_srs_stage, I also get , which is in Level 59, but actually I have reset to Level 3… (Or i am really level 59?)

How do I prevent this scenario, to get only below Guru for items?


The starting stage is the stage your item was at before the review record was created, the ending stage what it was afterwards.

But you’re probably using the wrong API endpoint. What are you trying to do? It sounds like you probably need the assignments endpoint instead of the reviews endpoint.


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The assignments and subjects endpoints are what you want, then. Assignments lets you see your own progress for the requested item(s) and subjects contain all the static info related to the item(s).

The reviews endpoint will return individual review records. Each time you review an item another record is created. The typical user has tens of thousands of these even though there are less than 9000 items on WK.


Thanks. SRS Level is only one value, and it seems to be correct now (i.e. level > 4 is srs 0).