API not working after update

Ever since this morning of Jul 22, some of my installed scripts have stopped working. I uses the latest version of Firefox and the APIs are installed via TamperMonkey.
The ones that are still working:

  • Niai Similar Kanji
  • Self-Study hide info
  • Level Duration

The ones that have stopped working:

  • Override
  • Stroke Order
  • Hide review accuracy

Please Help.

You should contact or tag the original developers of those scripts. Probably @Mempo.

Chances are it’s just Firefox crapping out again.


Try restarting your browser and or computer

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Check for error messages in the Javascript Console (press F12 and click on the Console tab).

But like seanblue said, it’s probably Firefox, which tends to crash its indexedDB storage, so try clearing cache.

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On a side note, I used to use Tampermonkey for my scripts on Firefox and I had tons of problems with it (some scripts not loading, no consistent behavior) and since I’ve switched to Violentmonkey, I’ve had zero issues.

The interface might look a little bit rough, but considering I don’t have to go there nowhere near as often thanks to it working as expected, I don’t really mind.