Anyone using LangCorrect? (Lang-8 alternative for practicing to write)

Posts about LangCorrect have been popping up on my studygram. Looking at the pictures it seems like a solid alternative, but the problem I have with it is that they ban temporary emails. Before I register using my email, I was wondering if you guys have used this service? If you have, what do you think about it?

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What do you mean temporary email? Like mailinator or something similar? Just create a free email account somewhere to use as your “burner” account (one that doesn’t have your personal information such as name, address, etc.)

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Yup that’s what I meant. I guess I never really thought about that because I always used a password manager with temp emails. I’ll create a burner account on gmail. Thanks for the advice.

edit: I just registered and the UI is great so far and I can just use it on my phone. The community seems small, but that’s to be expected since it just launched. All the posts that I can see have already been corrected. There’s also another tab you can click on in ‘other learners’ that shows me other learners who have written in Japanese. I think it’s pretty cool. I’ll have to play around with it more. I’ll edit the post with my findings sometime soon.


what does the site have that lang-8 does not?

i’m asking because i used to use l8 back in the day, then heard they don’t allow new accounts anymore, or something. wondering what’s up with that.

lang-8 and the precursor of iknow was where i started doing jp studies via internet.


Lang-8 stopped accepting sign-ups quite some time ago, unfortunately.

Just checked, and that doesn’t seem to have changed. It’s a shame, because most people I know that used to use it seem positive about it.

I haven’t looked much into HiNative, so I don’t know how LangCorrect compares to that.


Hinative is just for quick corrections/asking differences between words. It’s definitely more appealing to the mainstream, but I don’t see how they can monetize it properly so that they can keep expanding and increase their service’s benefits.


For one a much more active community. The site is also fully responsive on my phone, ipad and laptop. The UI is a lot more cleaner too. I’m still figuring out the site, but I like something called ‘streaks’ that are displayed on the sidebar and next to your username.

From the FAQs

Streaks represent the number of consecutive days you have written a journal post without missing a day. As soon as you miss a day your streak will get reset back to 0. Streaks were added to help language learners stay motivated and to challenge themselves.

I don’t think Lang-8 had that. Streaks are also a category found in the rankings.

It (thank god) has automatic syntax highlighting. I hated manually clicking on the colors to highlight changes.

One thing I noticed though is that it seems like it is strictly focused on writing. There’s no profile pictures, gender, etc. So it’s kind of like Reddit. Everything is report-able profiles, corrections, comments, messages, etc.

They also have a discord if you want to check it out.

I think someone who is better at reviewing should give it a shot (I’m terrible at it).


I signed up. Disappointed also that Lang8 changed direction. So far so good - hopefully they will get enough people using it and it sustains itself.

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I used Lang8 a lot in the past, especially when I was writing a journal solidly everyday. also very handy to proof check speeches and presentations that I did in Japanese when I was living in Japan. Stopped for sometime now, but still post very occasionally. Nice community shame they focussed on the much inferior HiNative

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