Lang-8 sign ups

This just popped on the Lang-8 facebook page

Regarding the suspension to new sign ups for Lang-8
Thank you for your continued support of Lang-8.
Starting last week, we implemented a temporary halt to new sign ups to the Lang-8 platform.
Please rest assured that the site itself will not be shut down and will continue to operate as usual.
Thank you


It’s a bummer because I really want to use that platform. They are directing people to hinative which is not even close to the same thing.

I heard on /r/learnjapanese that they had some kind of breech or DDOS attack on their sign up service.


Well, if anyone finds​ out if they start accepting again please let me know. I know there’s others interested well.

I tried to sign up there last week as well and got the same message, so I signed up at Hinative and It’s a cool one for sure, but I would love to be able to use lang-8 as well since It’s a lot different than Hinative.

Thanks for sharing this! I hope they open back up soon. Echoing everyone else, but I’d really like to use their services.

If they’re updating security, that would explain it. I’m just glad they’re not shutting down.

Yeah a few days ago I felt ‘Yes, I am ready to start writing a japanese diary on lang-8!’, ‘Aww no, can’t register! Maybe HiNative has diary feature? Nope!’.

Right? Same here.

I mean it might just say, “today I went to the store. I bought waffles.”

But writing is writing, dangit!!

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Omg I just searched my emails, and I do have an account made!!!

It works! I can post entries! Yippppeee!


I learned about it from correct someone’s English entry on Lang-8, kinda. They said something about an influx of people wanting to learn Zulu and how it was actually spambots or something.

I actually at first couldn’t figure out my log in and it said I hadn’t made an account. So I tried to make one and couldn’t. Then I realized that around that time I had a really weird email that I was using for a handful of pretty much entirely Japanese-related stuffs and then just stopped using, so I managed to log in. Anything I’ve used that email for I think I’ve changed by now and thankfully Lang-8 didn’t require me to confirm via the old email that I was changing my email address.