Anyone on or near my level wanna add each other to leaderboards?

I don’t have anybody to add on the leaderboard extension yet! Would anyone around my level like to add each other? Just think it would be fun to have some friendly competition :blush:


How did you burn items at level 4?

I reset to level 2 which kept my burnt items form level 1 :grin:

Burning items at a low level indicates slower progress, generally.

I go at a normal pace, I had just gotten to level 9 before, took a break and reset to level 2 like a week ago. Since I didn’t completely reset it saved the data from level 1 before the reset

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Given your reset, you’ll progress fast, which is intriguing. Well I’ve already added you to my leaderboards, and I hope you add me too, for you’re now my prime adversary! (think satoshi and shigeru from pokémon except it’s platonic)


Here there are a lot of people still under level 10 (I’m one of them)

We don’t eat people (yet) so don’t be shy and come to look around

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@gooober how’s progress going? I’m going kinda slowly, forcing so many items into my head just doesn’t work out

@gooober Welcome to Wanikani :slight_smile:

In addition to @Enn3DevPlayer 's suggestion, this might be another thread you can consider.

Good luck my friend :crossed_fingers:

@f3lix It’s going pretty okay! I did take a small break last week because I was hanging out with my friend but I’ve been keeping pretty consistent. If it feels like you’re cramming a lot of information in your head too fast then I would consider doing lessons in set chunks instead of all at once (x amount each day or every few hours). It might take a little longer but it can help space things out and give your brain some time to remember the material. I’m definitely not the best person to ask for advice though because I usually just dash right through all my lessons and don’t have (too) many problems :sweat_smile:

What made you reset

ay man u ded?

:joy: nah, since summer vacation started I haven’t done anything like schoolwork and stuff like that. It’s just hard to get back into the work mindset. But I’ve been getting outside a lot more and trying to get into shape which has been really nice. I’m just taking my time and doing what’s good for my mental health. I do need to start doing my schoolwork and Japanese soon tho because I’m getting behind :eyes::sweat_smile:

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Sometimes I’m really glad my life is lonely and depressing. I get to study so much! Finna run circles around the normies :sunglasses:

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