(finally) Built up the courage to restart!

Hello! I started WaniKani about a year ago and some of you may have probably seen me over the year posting every couple months. I was going strong when I started, but a few months in I sort’ve started to fall off the wayside. I’ve been struggling to do anything work related for a while because I’ve just felt so isolated and burnt out at home during the pandemic. My school had decided to stay completely remote until just last week and it feels so nice to finally be able to see some of my friends and all of a sudden I just feel so much more productive and happy. I finally decided to reset to level 2 (didn’t want to go through the slow level 1) after some internal conflict and my teacher suggesting it was probably the best course of action. It feels good to be learning again and getting stuff done and I think (fingers crossed) I won’t be making any more posts about how I have 1000 reviews and haven’t worked in months :sweat_smile: But yeah I just made this post to encourage myself as well as others who’ve maybe gotten burnt out. It felt a bit daunting for a while but I realized that it’s okay to restart. Even though you may feel as though you’re losing a lot of progress, there might be (as there definitely is for me) more benefits to just letting it go sometimes :relaxed:


It’s good that you’ve decided to come back! I expect you’ll find things a bit easier to remember if you’ve already been through a few levels, and you already know how everything works and how your brain works. And nice to have a supportive teacher.
(Also - glad you’ve got back into real world school. I think it’s been so hard for so many people trying to work away in isolation at home. It makes such a difference to see and speak to people in person, even if it’s just about mundane stuff. In fact, probably especially if it’s about mundane normal stuff).
Good luck! Onwards and upwards.


Go for it @danielbut ! I’ve reset before as well, sometimes it’s for the best especially if it helps you find your motivation again! Good luck on this attempt :smiley:


Burn out is real. It’s all about progress, but sometimes progress means taking a step back in order to move forward. Sometimes taking a step back is better and will let you progress sooner than trying to push forward. Luckily I have been able to push through with WK after a couple of big breaks, but in my other Japanese studies I have had to take a step back to relearn or get a better understanding for grammar, listening and speaking. Right now I might need to take another step back to focus on conversation. You’re not alone and I’m glad you were able to realize that you needed to take a step back. You’ll catch up soon enough. Best of luck to you.


Ha! I’m still on level one!
Somehow I doubt I’ll ever reach level two!

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I have also reset before. I’m not proud of it, but everyone is different :sweat_smile:
My mistake was only focusing on kanji and burned out because I wanted to finish WK as soon as possible. So now I take it slow and enjoy other areas, such as grammar, reading, watching movies/drama, games, speaking, or writing. To keep the motivation high. A lot of other things to do instead of just kanji.


Good for you! I’m on my 2nd reset but I’m not gonna stop this time! Been going pretty slow lately but I’m still going and that’s all that matters.

Just keep going!


Yeah this time around I’m definitely doing more than just the kanji. Since I can kind of remember most of the kanji I learned before resetting, I’ve finally started working on grammar with the Genki textbook my school got for me last year. It’s very exciting to be able to understand some sentences and conversations even if they’re very basic, which is definitely motivating!

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Good luck on the re-journey! :grin:


Another cat avatar!

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Welcome back! I’ve been back for about a month after a (checks timeline) 2 year hiatus (oh dear, that was really long - to be fair, grad school was nuts and then I got married and started my first real grown-up job). There were some mixed feelings of ‘I’m glad I picked this up again! I’m accomplishing things!’ and ‘oh dear, I don’t know any of this vocab’.

I’m so glad you’re seeing that you remember things, and are making progress with some grammar!

Good luck!


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