Anyone know the difference between 勧める and 薦める

According to wanikani they mean the exact same thing, so why do I have to learn the word twice with two separate kanijs?

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Because they have a different nuance. Under the section titled:

すすめる (進める VS 勧める VS 薦める)

進める means “to move, put, or set something forward” or “to progress something.”
勧める means “to influence someone to do something.”
薦める means “to recommend or endorse something as being exceptional.”

Taken from:

It’s a good article in general.


すすめる is a single word, but the different kanji reveal a different nuance.

According to 「勧める」と「薦める」の違い | 日本語早わかり

Inviting or urging the conversation partner to do a certain thing.

Recommending someone or something as appropriate for something being sought by the conversation partner and trying to get them accepted/employed.


Thanks for that article, also I love your avatar… モッコリ


Having now looked at the item pages in question, this reading explanation for 勧める definitely looks like it could use a rework:

This has the same reading as 薦める, which means essentially the same thing. I recommend you learn them both.

Incorporating information from Mami’s article would help provide a better explanation between the two words. @JenK what do you think?


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