Meaning of 収める

It seems like there are conflicting meanings for 収める (おさめる; obtain + める)

In one of my SRS vocab apps and wiktionary, it means: to gain, to obtain, to reap, to achieve, or to attain

In Jisho and WaniKani, it means: to dedicate; to make an offering, to supply, to store

I don’t know which one is correct, and I don’t know why these sources don’t have overlapping meanings.

Does anybody know what 収める really means?

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The link implies that there’s confusion between the おさめる (収 vs 納 vs 治 vs 修), but I’m not advanced enough to read the link efficiently. Can you summarize?

The main thing for this would be the part about 収める and 納める, where it gives the definition of きちんと中に入れる for both, but goes on to say that in the case of there being a sense of duty or whatnot, you use 納める. I believe that would be the offering/dedication meanings, etc.

But anyway, the meaning of that simple definition is quite broad if translated into English.

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Thank you. Assuming きちんと中に入れる is “to insert inside precisely”, then I kinda see how these other meanings come about. It’s a bit abstract for me, but I hope I’ll eventually understand.

It’s still strange to me that the two sources (Jisho and Wiktionary) have diverged so much.

Some of the set phrases that include 収める (you can see them on the wiktionary page) are a bit idiomatic. I think those are then being transferred up into the given definition.

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