Difference between 促すand 迫る

Can somebody explain the difference between 促すand 迫る to me?
Wanikani says they both means to urge, but is there a nuance? Or are they identical?

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You can imagine 促す as coming from a kind and encouraging place. On the other hand 迫る is strong and somewhat aggressive.

So it’s like 促す = to encourage someone to do something, or do it faster
And 迫る = to demand or press someone to do something


On the kanji page for 迫, alternate definitions are also “compel” an “coerce,” and “to coerce” is an alt definition listed for 迫る. It highlights the more forceful nature of 迫る.


Oh man, now I’m embarrassed that I didn’t even know about this meaning of 迫る. I only have encountered/learned it in the context of meaning 近づく, such as 出発時間が迫る.

:flushed: Oops

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No worries!

Bet you won’t forget that alternate meaning now that you felt embarrassed about making a post about it on a forum. :wink:

迫る actually has a bunch more meanings, so it’s not that big of a deal. Or maybe it’s a bigger deal? Haha.

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