Anyone know how to type this?


Not really a question about the language itself, but does anyone know how to type the syllable ディ? I’m using the standard Japanese input that comes with the international keyboard layout on a Mac. Every time I type “di” in both hiragana and katakana, it comes out as ぢ/ヂ. I’ve tried every which way with shift/option/command etc. and looked up the keyboard layout map but I can’t seem to find out how. It’s driving me nuts.


isnt that dei (デイ)though? sorry idk about mac

Nvm…the comment below is correct.


You can achieve it by typing deli or dexi



I am the pro!

Press de for デ and li for ィ!


@Inuzushi @hinekidori

Thanks very much!!!


For future viewers, I’d like to note that deli or dexi will both work on a PC as well.

I tend to prefer the dexi style input. Using the x feels like shifting into ‘little character’ mode, since it’s not a character we use often in English.


Better you can write it dhi => ディ


By the way, whenever you want to type any of the small characters, you can use ‘x’ or ‘l’. And it works with ‘tsu’/‘tu’ as well.


Thanks. You are truly a pro.

I’ve heard about ‘li’ for a while, but not ‘h’.

as opposed to


@Erkanamen ボクを弟子にしてください!

I never knew about the dhi too. ( ; ∀ ; )


The “h” method works for a variety of these. There’s plenty of other shortcuts though. If you want to look at them all yourself, you simply have to go to the configurations of your IME.
For example, in Google IME > Properties > Romaji table.
who -> うぉ
twi -> とぃ


On a Mac, you can do the following: type「x」then type 「あ、い、う、え、お」and the result will be:「ぁ、ぃ、ぅ、ぇ、ぉ」which you can use to write 「パーティ」or 「クォーツ」:crab:


So, I’ve found a new one, qo=>くぉ, as in Qo-tu (quartz), or Qo-ta- (quarter).


Yeah! I stumbled upon クォーツ a while ago and thought katakana is as beautiful as crazy. Let’s a start a thread titled “Katakana, what’re you doing?” so we can list bizarre or mutant katakana words.


does anyone know how to type the character tzu in hiragana using the English language keyboard?? tsu with the ". I’ve tried everything I can think of and no dice.



For づ type “du”.

Bonus: For ぢ type “di”.



never would have gone to du. domo domo!!