Wanikani search box needs a <CR> button to click

Perhaps I use search more than others on Wanikani but it is very inefficient that I can’t use my mouse to cut and paste a kanji or word into the search box and click “go” or “cr” to perform the search. I have to take my hand off the mouse, press “enter” and then go back to the mouse. Is this hard to correct? Most search boxes have where to click to perform the search, I believe.


Oh, indeed. Having to reach for the keyboard when I’m in “just using the mouse” mode is kind of annoying.


I’m confused. When I search up something on wanikani, I just input the word (typed or paste) and hit the magnifying glass button. What is this about having to type “enter”?

I just double checked and on Chrome entering a word in the search box and clicking the magnifying glass does nothing.
Are you using Chrome?

You said you had to type in (enter) Lol. You just have to hit the enter button.

However, I misspoke. I do have to press enter as well but it doesn’t bother me because as I type I can just hit the key. I also have to hit enter when I copy and paste but it has never bothered me really.

But I do agree that the magnifying glass should be clickable.

Thanks for checking. As Balthazar wrote above, when I’m in “just using the mouse mode” it’s a pain to have to keep reaching for the enter key. If I’m already going to be typing what happened to the efficiency of using the mouse for cut and paste.

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Yeah it’s true. It is an annoyance.

For example, many times I do my reviews while laying down on my bed. As I type the answer in and hit “return” on my iPad, I won’t need to click on “review word” if I got it right. Because of the way my hands are positioned— that is, resting on my bed— I wish there was a continue button at the very button so that I don’t have to lift my hand and hit the arrow to continue with the next word.

It sucks doing this every single time. I do most of my reviews on my iPad but the times I do it on my pc doesn’t bother me at all since I can just press enter or click the arrow with the mouse. So yeah, I know the feeling too Lol

I 100% agree with you, would be one of the best QoL changes wanikani could add right now imo

is there a key to go into quiz during the lessons?

going through every item, I usually go check them again and I always have to click on quiz button to start. I wish the was a key as well.

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