Lightning mode without pairing up meanings and readings


So yeah, that. 
I really think Lightning mode is a must once you have more than a hundred reviews to do and you dont want your “enter” key to break down, or your hand to fall off. 
But the fact that meanings/readings shown after eachother is annoying. 
Is there any way of using Lightning without this? 


The eff is lightning mode?


Apparently it’s a special mode that auto-advances on correct answers if you’re using WaniKani Customizer.  

MarioRash, it’s probably worth adding question/quirk to that extension’s thread rather than starting a new one.


What is this doing shaken loose?

And what is the point?  unless the customizer also caches the failed results into a study focus list?


Maybe I should have posted this in the extension thread, thats true. I’m sorry. 
Yes, Scruffy is right, WaniKani Customizer adds an option which makes the reviewing much faster (lightning mode) by jumping to the next item if you wrote it right, without having to press enter again. 
I will ask in the thread then, thanks anyways :P 


pressing enter is really that hard…