Enter key is "double firing" lately

I have been on wani kani for a bit now. Recently, I want to say, the past 3 or so days, I have noticed that I’ll push enter a single time and it will double submit instantly which clears the kanji off my screen if I’ve gotten it right.

Sometimes I like to take a moment to re-read things after submitting them, or to look at the remaining reviews in the top right, stuff like this, so it’s annoying when it double submits like this and instantly skips to the next review.

I also notice that I can hold down enter and it constantly submits, for example, if I leave the field blank and just hold down enter the submission form vibrates continuously. This feels kind of bad to me, I can’t think of a reason why the submission needs to be “while key is pressed”.

It feels like it should just listen for “key down” and wait for a “key up” before even being possible to submit again. I also feel like it used to work like this not very long ago. I use this keyboard constantly throughout the day due to working from home and wanikani is the only place I’ll get double enter presses like this.


Do you have any userscripts installed?

No, not to my knowledge. I have a chrome extension that fakes dark mode on websites that don’t have a dark mode and that is the extent to which I have customized my browser.