Anyone else has review anxiety?

Definitely a good idea to work on grammar! I realized in the spring my kanji was approaching an N3 level and my grammar was still high-N5… not a great situation

If this is your biggest problem, you can install the Double-Check userscript. It allows you to check a wrong (or right) answer and retype it. Be careful not to use it for actual mistakes, though!

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Same here :slightly_frowning_face:

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I installed it then disactivated it, because, yes I tended to missuse it. I’d rather have a few typos than false validated items.


I wouIdn’t say anxious, but I almost constantly feel at least a little overwhelmed. But it’s just a case of clicking on that button and starting the reviews.

My advice would be to have faith in the system. Welcome those mistakes, because it means you weren’t ready. The spaced repition system works. But like anything, you need to believe that in order for it to be most effective.

There’s no pressure on you. Click that review button, and just go. You should put in effort to find mnemonics that work for you, or if the standard ones they give work well enough for you, then put the effort in to really visualize and try to feel the emotion the mnemonics want from you. But it’s just a process that takes time, there’s really no huge requirement from you beyond that.

I repeat, have faith in the system. Don’t concern yourself with what you can or can’t do. Just keep believing that the system will carry you where you need to go.


Ah, in that case better not to use it, yes. I have the script installed on my personal laptop, but I do my reviews on my phone, or my mother’s laptop a lot too. When a typo happens there I usually just shrug and move on. On the review recap screen I know I can actually count it as one less mistake, as I did know it, and I’ll still know it when it comes up again.

Also if it happens very early in a session, and I can feel that it will be a bad session overall, I will just close the review page and get back to it a bit later, when I am in a better headspace. And the typo will essentially be undone.

I can always ignore on mobile. What smartphone are you using? Android? iPhone?

Not using any of the apps. I’m on Android, but I think it is fine this way

I can’t live without FlamingDurtle on Android. It really feels like on my computer. Especially doing self study quiz on mobile. Heaven.

I’m always anxious about everything (actually going to a psychologist for stress related issues), but not about wanikani. I think of reviews not as an exams, but as matching tests. The SRS system will do its job, and I’ll probably burn it at some point, no pressure. If I don’t pass a review, that’s simply the system matching the position of the item in my head to the position of the item in the SRS. Maybe that mindset could help you too?


Not sure, but I’ll try to keep that in mind. thanks I think I am worried to give up Wanikani all together if I slow down even a little.

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How about you join a study group like the Olympians or the Luminaries group? I have found that for me, a whole group to cheer you on for all your victories really helps. :wink: It also helps to see others who are taking it slow as kind of a green light for you to take it easier as well. :blush:

Most importantly though, your mental health is most important, so please give yourself a break sometimes :pray:


Thanks I joined 2 of these groups. I know I am quite fast, but I’d be faster if I could !


Feel exactly the same, the wrost was from lvl 40 to 60, where my reviews doubled. Now that I hit 60 they are slowing decreasing.


I’ll add you to my leader board to cheer you on! :blush:


No, making a mistake at WK reviews is inconsequential in the bigger picture.

Read this in a masculine voice that is raising in volume. Imagine it was your own voice.

Just review depression

(instead of anxious I tend to feel hopeless)

You can get through it friend :sparkling_heart:


I went through waves of anxiety with reviews. Eventually I got to the spot where I accepted any delay in my level ups. By the time you hit 60 you will have done like 200k reviews, and the mistakes you make just aren’t worth your energy to stress over. You’re better off going at whatever your natural speed is, rather than imagining you’re supposed to go at a speed that stressed you out. Took me just under two years to hit 60.


Maybe just take a ‘vacation’ once a week like on a Sunday.

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