Luminaries (let's get to lv60/All Burned in time for the total lunar eclipse!)


Let’s get that cake or burn those turtles in time for the next total lunar eclipse!
Inspired by the Race to the :cake: thread.

This thread is to motivate each other, find study-buddies, or just rant!

If you’re interested: introduce yourself in a post below, and add yourself to the leaderboard!

Goal: May 26, 2021

The next total lunar eclipse will be on May 26th 2021 (days left)

Info about the total lunar eclipse


  • Editing the leaderboard: click the orange edit button (11%20PM ), hit “Edit Wiki,” and add yourself based on your current level
  • Format:
    | username | goal | team | x days |Joined: _|Current: _
  • Goal: can be a certain level (eg: level 60), or % burned (eg: 100% - all burned!)
  • Team: see the Teams section below
  • Speed: you can check your speed on wkstats or use the time it took to clear your last level. If your speed is inconsistent or you don’t want to fill it, you can leave it as “x days”
  • Levels: Joined is the level you were at when you joined this group, and current is your current level. When you level up, don’t forget to move yourself up in the leaderboard according to your new level

you need to have member status on the forums to edit wiki posts

How to become a member:


The teams are based on the five brightest planets (visible to the naked eye) + Earth.
It’s time to choose your allegiance.

  • 水星 (The water planet - Mercury)
  • 金星 (The gold planet - Venus)
  • 地球 (The Earth planet - Earth!)
  • 火星 (The fire planet - Mars)
  • 木星 (The tree planet - Jupiter)
  • 土星 (The durt planet - Saturn)

General WK Tips


Images from: @ ChihiroSAKURADA


:waning_gibbous_moon: Luminaries Leaderboard :waxing_gibbous_moon:

Username Team Goal Speed Original Level/% Current Level/%
jprspereira 地球 level 60 x days joined: 60 current: 60
Belthazar 地球 level 60 x days joined: 60 current: 60
Naphthalene 木星 100% x days joined: 60 current: 60
elynchbell 木星 100% 8 days joined: 33 current: 36
snow-pine 土星 level 60 x days joined: 28 current: 30
Loafer 金星 100% x days joined: 25 current: 28
stardustashes 火星 level 60 12 days joined: 23 current: 25
Redglare 火星 100% x days joined: 0 % current: 0.36 %
auruille 水星 100% 8 days joined: 14 current: 19
kitsunensei 水星 100% 8 days joined: 13 current: 15
rawrdinosaur 金星 100% 10 days joined: 12 current: 13
Emiloow 火星 100% 8 days 6h joined: 10 current: 13
Lattemeowcchiato 土星 level 60 x days joined: 11 current: 11
AnnaDavis 金星 level 60 14 days joined: 9 current: 10
Zakarius 火星 100% x days joined: 6 current: 9
_Kristan 土星 level 60 10 days joined: 8 current: 9
Kare-uso 金星 100% 7 days joined: ⓪% current: ⓪%
Yoshirahh 火星 level 60 10 days joined: 6 current: 8
rharveyart 土星 40 x days joined: 8 current: 8
darkmelody 水星 level 60 12 days joined: 7 current: 7
chinaowl 水星 level 60 x days joined: 6 current: 6
Yarumari 土星 level 60 9 days joined: 4 current: 6
BreatheTheFREQ 土星 level 60 11 days joined: 3 current: 6
crazyguy48 火星 level 60 5 days 12h joined: 1 current: 2
baekinji 火星 level 60 x days joined: 3 current: 3

reserved ?

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Idk how to feel about this :joy:


it’s broken :scream::sob::sob:

Edit: all good now :partying_face:


The next total solar eclipse will be occuring where I live in July 2028. I bet I could reach level 60 before then.


Edit: @Belthazar It’s for the next total lunar eclipse - it’s in the title and description so hopefully new members will realize that :sweat_smile:

(y’all weren’t supposed to discover this thread so fast :sweat_drops:)

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Oh, I know. Just making a joke on the fact that (a) I’m already level 60, and (b) I could probably reset to the start and reach level 60 again about eight times in that period. If I felt like it. :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry I re-read it and realized what you meant, I’m too hopped up on adrenaline after the mystery that is HTML decided to bold and < big > my whole post :sweat_smile:

Also congrats @jprspereira, @Belthazar, and @seanblue, as the first posters in this thread you get the privilege of being placeholders on the leaderboard until new members join! おめでとう :partying_face:


You mean 地球? :thinking:


That’s it, no more level 60s im my clubhouse :triumph:

jk of course thanks guys for helping me fix this stuff before prospective members get here! :sweat_drops:

Edit: and to think I just guru-d 球 yesterday :woman_facepalming:


Hey, I don’t want to be on team 地球! :stuck_out_tongue:


cuts ceremonial red ribbon
The leaderboard has now been wiki’d!


If @jprspereira is in, I’m definitely racing too :triumph:


@kitsunensei he’s definitely team 火星


Are you joining team 火星アクア?


Yes, more goal threads!
Exactly what my life needs, im in


:sparkles: Wohoo! New thread, new goals! :sparkles:
Hopefully, I’ll have all those turtles burned by the next total lunar eclipse! :fire::durtle_noice::new_moon:

Let’s go!


hey hey hey let’s not change the title
also, welcome new member who I’ve definitely never met before :wink: