Anyone else has review anxiety?

I don’t consider it to be a completely bad thing, but I have this strange feeling of anxiety which strucked me back during scholarship, before and during a review. Especially the apprentice reviews, when a mistake can delay your progress. I get really nervous when it comes to kanji and radicals.
It’s funny, because I am over 40 and I didn’t expect to feel that way again. I get nervous for other things now, but it’s not quite the same. Anyone knows that feeling ?


I’m grateful when a mistake can delay my progress. That means I must learn the kanji better, instead of accumulate that kanji to my leeches.

I’m not sure. No, I guess. :woman_shrugging:

I can’t help you. Maybe others can.


I feel like that sometimes, when i make a mistake. Its just a part of the study process I guess. When I get a bit anxious during reviews, I remind myself that wanikani is not a university course which I have to finish within a certain time, so its okay to make mistakes, and that I will be able to re-learn those kanji/vocabulary items while continuing on my path to level 60. :blush:


Not really anxiety, but I kind of know what you mean. I’ve gotten a lot of burn reviews wrong, which is kind of frustrating too.

But just remember to see the whole picture here, I’m going to assume that you’re doing wanikani because you want to learn japanese, so the point it’s not just to level up, but to learn.

The level up is part of the gamification structure of wanikani, which is why it’s so fun (or addicting). If you’re really that worried about slowing down progress, you can always learn ahead by yourself !


I have a script for auto-quizz and I always prepare the next level two days early. So I already know most of it, even though I might skip a few vocab items. I am more worried about typos and “stupid mistakes”.

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Oh absolutely. Im not as worried about not knowing the material, that comes with learning new things, im far more worried about being a big old dumb and hitting the wrong key on something I know well in haste.


I gess that worked on me :smile:


Yup! I have anxiety about a variety of things, and for a while I’d get downright nauseous when it came time to sit down and do reviews. What helped was thinking about my goals and expectations when it comes to language learning, and reassessing them, and then reframing what reviews are for and how getting things wrong is part of getting things right, etc. I struggled a lot in the past with comparing myself to others in the community here and trying to aim for things that didn’t work for me, like having 100 Apprentice items (50 works better for me) or leveling up in 10 days (lol).

So basically, take some time to sit with yourself and figure out what’s going on emotionally, what’s the root of the anxiety, accept it, then see what you can change to make it less stressful to learn, and what you can do to reassure yourself you’re doing great.

Another huge thing that helped me was turning off the SRS level popup and install a script that hides my % correct during reviews, because seeing something slide back to apprentice or my average slip lower and lower was a really fantastic way to give fuel to that part of my brain that wants to beat me up. It means I don’t see that sweet “Burned” popup anymore, but I can just checked the burned list after. Fair price to pay.


Nice advice thanks. But yes, that’s what I meant when saying “not all a bad thing”. If not pleasant feeling, it pushes me forward to my goal. Although at this time I am bit too obsessed about kanji and should spend more time on grammar. I Haven’t felt nauseous yet, hope I won’t.

Definitely a good idea to work on grammar! I realized in the spring my kanji was approaching an N3 level and my grammar was still high-N5… not a great situation

If this is your biggest problem, you can install the Double-Check userscript. It allows you to check a wrong (or right) answer and retype it. Be careful not to use it for actual mistakes, though!

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Same here :slightly_frowning_face:

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I installed it then disactivated it, because, yes I tended to missuse it. I’d rather have a few typos than false validated items.


I wouIdn’t say anxious, but I almost constantly feel at least a little overwhelmed. But it’s just a case of clicking on that button and starting the reviews.

My advice would be to have faith in the system. Welcome those mistakes, because it means you weren’t ready. The spaced repition system works. But like anything, you need to believe that in order for it to be most effective.

There’s no pressure on you. Click that review button, and just go. You should put in effort to find mnemonics that work for you, or if the standard ones they give work well enough for you, then put the effort in to really visualize and try to feel the emotion the mnemonics want from you. But it’s just a process that takes time, there’s really no huge requirement from you beyond that.

I repeat, have faith in the system. Don’t concern yourself with what you can or can’t do. Just keep believing that the system will carry you where you need to go.


Ah, in that case better not to use it, yes. I have the script installed on my personal laptop, but I do my reviews on my phone, or my mother’s laptop a lot too. When a typo happens there I usually just shrug and move on. On the review recap screen I know I can actually count it as one less mistake, as I did know it, and I’ll still know it when it comes up again.

Also if it happens very early in a session, and I can feel that it will be a bad session overall, I will just close the review page and get back to it a bit later, when I am in a better headspace. And the typo will essentially be undone.

I can always ignore on mobile. What smartphone are you using? Android? iPhone?

Not using any of the apps. I’m on Android, but I think it is fine this way

I can’t live without FlamingDurtle on Android. It really feels like on my computer. Especially doing self study quiz on mobile. Heaven.

I’m always anxious about everything (actually going to a psychologist for stress related issues), but not about wanikani. I think of reviews not as an exams, but as matching tests. The SRS system will do its job, and I’ll probably burn it at some point, no pressure. If I don’t pass a review, that’s simply the system matching the position of the item in my head to the position of the item in the SRS. Maybe that mindset could help you too?


Not sure, but I’ll try to keep that in mind. thanks I think I am worried to give up Wanikani all together if I slow down even a little.

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