Currently level 11 and already forgeting words from initial levels!

So I realized from level 10, only words from level 9 and that current level 10 were appearing on my reviews. Rarely, words from levels 1 to 8 were showing up for me. Words and kanji.

Is something wrong? Because they should appear more well distributed with current level words, no?

Usually I have 200 reviews per day and only 1% of the time I get old words and when they come I usually forgot completely about them. And start the confusion with kanji similar (like ice and eternity now I keep mixing them because I forgot about ice kanji a long time ago)

Any script to fix this then?

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This is by design. Are you familiar with SRS? If not, check out these help articles from WaniKani.


so is it ok to keep forgeting words since they don’t show up very often?

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If you’re forgetting words over and over then they’re called leeches. There are a few scripts to help with that if you go to the API and Third Party Apps topic, sorry idk how to link the threads.

Just the other way around: If you keep forgetting words because they don’t show up very often, SRS will show them to you more often so that you will eventually be able to learn them :wink:

But yeah, it’s pretty normal to forget some words after a while, so nothing to worry about!


I have the self study and even if I set it now to get from level 1 to 10 and it shows

so, I keep forgeting then and then I make the mistake, right? I see the correct answer and of course next time I will make it right. So it becomes a snowball but I have the feeling when I dont know, 3 or 4 levels ahead I will forget them again.

I dont know if this is correct what I am going through with these leeches.

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Some people like to do additional leech study, but it’s also fine not to. I pretty much never bothered and just let the SRS do it’s thing. I found it more important to spend that time focusing on other aspects of the language.


It’s natural to forget words you haven’t seen in a while. The SRS is designed to help you focus on words you forgot by making you review them again sooner. Occasionally you’ll end up with words that just won’t stick, but in general the SRS will help you learn even words you struggle with given enough time.


I get the feeling you’re still not very familiar with how WK works.

Basically, SRS is not like traditional study where you learn from bluntforce repetition of items until they stick, and much later you are given one test on it.

With WK, you have faster SRS intervals in the beginning to give you exposure to the items. This is a good time to learn the items, but once in guru and beyond more and more time is taken in-between reviews - this is to shift from short-term memory to long-term retention.

While waiting for those first items to come back up for review you should focus on the newer items to make the most of your time, not still reviewing the old items.

Basically, this is a matter of time management and efficiency. With SRS you only need to put extra effort of study on those items that you repeatedly fail in reviews (those that gets stuck in apprentice and guru and doesn’t progress, aka leeches). But, the majority of items, you only need to review when WK tells you to, and the rest of the time you can concentrate on studying other things.

With a surprisingly small amount of time/item, you can learn them just from doing reviews (rather than sitting through sessions of repetition study). That’s the benefit of SRS.

Not to say you can’t do self-study. But, you might wanna put your time into more useful things, like looking at grammar which WK does not teach you.

Good luck with your studies. :slight_smile:


another way to think about it: you’re trying to cram literally thousands of new things into your brain. it’d be weird if you didn’t forget some of it.

what i’d reccomend is doing some other kind of study. grammar, or reading for fun, or anything really. you’ll enounter lots of kanji and vocab you’ve already learned, and will learn more about how to use it, and each time you encounter it will write it a little deeper into your brain ^^


That’s a lot for me :persevere: Personally, if I’m forgetting a lot of words I used to know then I may be going too fast, so I pace myself. One trick that’s well-established across WK is to make sure you’re keeping Apprentice items below a certain number. Rule of thumb is 100 items or less. More Apprentice items you have, you’re likely cramming more new ones while there are failed/old ones. Focus on retention and not speed, and see what amount of Apprentice items you’re most comfortable with. For me, since I’m slow and have bad memory/juggle other things, it’s in a sweet spot of about 40-60 items.

You can also study grammar or immerse while doing WK - finding vocab and kanji in the wild works the best for retaining what you’ve already learned here.

Also agree with the above comments if you’re not familiar with SRS system. The more times you get an item right, the longer the interval gets between reviews.

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I understand the SRS, I just dont understand the way it “solves the situation for the moment”.

As I said, I forget the word, make the mistake, right away I know the correct meaning, the word shows up again and then I make the correct answer, the system sees that I know it and then only many days later appear again.

And several reviews there are words I never make the mistake and keep appearing. That’s odd. From level 1 to 7 it was nice pace but then from level 8 and current I realized this.

About the apprentice now I am at 111. So even if new lessons appear I will have to keep doing only review and until I get below 100 and then I make new lessons.

So far if 58 or 88 lessons appeared I would do 25 per day.

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