Anyone else annoyed by "nn"?

So I appreciate what the developers are doing when it comes to the ”んな” combination, but there are still some glitches so I wanted to open a thread up for people to post possible errors to get the admin’s attention.

What is it you’re annoyed at exactly?

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Looks like a bug, but phrasing it as being “annoyed” is a bit odd to me. If you report it in the thread they announced the change in, they’ll probably fix it pretty quickly.


Here is the related feedback thread. But to avoid double posting:

@TofuguJenny san do you mind looking into it? :slight_smile:


OP appears to have written an answer that should definitely be marked wrong (i.e. “henaka” rather than “henka” or “hennka”), but it’s still being flagged as “whoops, you didn’t type enough Ns, try again”.

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Yeah, I saw that. I just thought the thread would be about generally having to type “nn” in IMEs or something, and then there wasn’t really anything like that.


actually ive gotten a few wrong this way too! but its not a WK thing, because my keyboard does it basically always.

for example when I type “onna” i get “おんあ” because typing nn will register as ん.

its nice that WK gives the reminder but I think changing it would throw off people’s japanese keyboards!

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Relatable :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

How do you mean? WK’s behavior has nothing to do with the Japanese keyboard. And changing what?

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I think they read the topic title, but not the post itself, and gave the typical response to the double ‘n’ in WaniKani complaint: “WaniKani works the same as any IME, so WaniKani shouldn’t be different”. That’s how I took their response at least. (Not that the response was actually relevant to the topic though…)


nope I read the post, guess i just dont understand the poster’s intent :woman_shrugging:t4:


I read it like @Belthazar

So the system is now too generous.


Like I said, presumably it’s a bug.


Thanks for the heads-up. This is indeed unexpected behavior: We would expect へなか to simply be marked as “incorrect” for 変化 (even though, to be honest, doesn’t this probably count as a typo rather than lack of knowledge?:thinking:).

I’ll look into this and get back to you all :slight_smile:


I trip up on おんな all the time. I just assumed it was because I was typing too fast.

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