Any words of wisdom for a recently subbed guy?

Yes, use the audio religiously and audibly say each one out loud in a clear voice with the right tone and pronunciation. Don’t worry about anyone hearing you…well, unless you are in a library. Shhhhh!

Your brain will learn better and faster with multiple sources of input. You will remember symbols just from saying them previously even when the mnemonic escapes you. That is the ultimate goal of each symbol.


DO YOUR REVIEWS!!! Do not skip any days. Discipline is key. Do not give up. Pace yourself on new lessons.

Last but not least, enjoy the experience. You will feel pain and other emotions from lows to highs. This means you are alive! Relish in this experience roller coaster. Charge headfirst into danger!!! Ok, I’ll stop now. I have reviews to do.



Don’t give up no matter what. I started on WK a while ago but dropped out. I’m just getting back into it again. I checked my data with and it said I opened my account over 700 days ago. If I would have just stuck with it, I’d be posting an “all burned” post right now. =__=


Welcome back!


Speaking of the sample sentences, is there by some miracle a resource for parsing those sentences? Even with the help of good dictionaries and numerous resources on grammar, I often can’t identify all the words and particles, let alone recognize the sentence structure. It would be wonderful to have at least a way to label the components.

Unfortunately, what you’re describing is a Japanese teacher/friend/person who speaks Japanese and can explain it to you. However, if you use Satori Reader, it does a great job of explaining grammar particles or expressions within the context of the sentence. If you are really set on figuring out the sample sentences, and don’t have the grammar/vocab level needed to generally understand them, try taking notes as you look up parts of them and build the sentence for yourself. Do you use the “hide sample sentence translation” script?

Thanks, raephe, for the suggestions. I haven’t used scripts, but I’ll investigate them now.

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I highly recommend these two userscripts to improve the user experience with sample sentences:

It’s not exactly what you asked for, but I find them extremely useful!


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