Any promotion going?


I’ve reached level 4 :relaxed:, time to subscribe! WaniKani has convinced me. I’m going at a slow pace, but hey, still going forward :hugs:.

Anyway, I read that WaniKani has a few promotions now and then. I was wondering if there are some now? Without them i’ll subscribe ofcourse :star_struck:.


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So far there has been a promotion every time around Christmas where the lifetime price goes from 300 dollars to 200 dollars iirc.

However, when you get the lifetime, you get the costs or at least part of the costs of last year back or something? Or maybe that only happens with year subscriptions.


@earthy You get a prorated refund for any unused time left on your monthly/annual subscription that can go towards the purchase of your lifetime subscription.

I’ve only seen Christmas time promotions, and they’ve happened every year since I’ve been here but we can’t make assumptions they will continue forever and ever and ever…


Ah that’s what it was! I wasn’t really sure about what I just said so I was already frantically looking at my wanikani bills.

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Ok, so no promotion going on at the moment! Of course I can’t wait for Christmas :grinning:.

Thank you guys!


@Glias Would this mean that it would be better to get a yearly subscription now if you were planning on getting lifetime later on anyway? Then you’d pay less per month in the end?

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I would make the same assumption :ok_hand:


I went for the yearly subscription! Wooh!


Patience young Padawan…

Maybe it’s just my personality (it may also be that I’ve already shelled out for subscriptions to other Japanese learning sites and it adds up so quickly :money_with_wings:) but I’m content to drag my feet until a sale. I may set a record for number of days on level 2 at this rate. :rofl:


@Mokumokuren maybe you don’t know, but you can go to level 3 (and complete it) without the need to take a subscription ;). You just won’t see the new ‘level 4 lessons’ untill you subscribe.

60 lessons for me now :slight_smile:!


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Yes, but I need to make it last until 2020… :calendar: :rofl:

The upside of going super slow is that the kanji is sticking really well for me. When I go too fast I tend to forget fine details… and the :crabigator: is unforgiving.

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