Any tips for when you miss doing reviews for a while?

Recently got over a pretty bad review hump after I fell out of doing them for a week or so. I found that I just had way too many reviews coming in at once, so I started doing less
(probably because it was getting exhausting, idk how my brain works sometimes), and of course that caused them to keep building up until I stopped doing them entirely. And then by the time I finally picked up the courage to come back I had nearly 900 reviews due, which took me another week to get through. So basically I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience, or a similar one. Yes I know this question has probably been asked many times before, I just feel like making my own post okay mom.


the prevailiing strategy toward this kind of situation seems to basically be ‘get reorder and abuse it a bit’ (at least, as far as I can tell). My maximum’s only been ~600 so far, and that’s after only a day of only doing 100 reviews, but the idea should be the same. Turn on reordering based on SRS levels, then do enlightened > master > guru > apprentice, then turn it off.

Well, either that or the ‘slowly chip away at it’ method, but I don’t have lifetime membership so I don’t feel like doing that :upside_down_face:


I’m also getting back into WK after a bit of a break (1 month)

Personally, my advice would be to put your account on vacation mode. As soon as I saw I was missing too many reviews, I was like, “That’s it, vacation mode it is”
If I let it stew, the reviews pile would have gone to the roof :weary:

My second piece of advice: decide on a precise day and time when you will be back. Then follow that appointment to the letter.
With myself, I often realise that the hardest bit is to actually start doing something, not the doing. Then return to whatever routine you were on before and act like nothing’s happened.

Sure, you’re going to make more mistakes than usual (hypothetically) because of your break, but the SRS system should take care of that after some time =)

Anyways, the best of luck and keep us posted! :wave:t2:


I’ll break it down into multiple, smaller sessions per day. Say for instance that tend to you lose focus and get tired after 50 reviews. Then do 50 reviews X number of times per day. If you know how many reviews you accumulate per day on average, you can do math to figure out how many review sessions you must do per day to get back on track in the amount of time that you’d like.


I have never been this far, my max was like 500, maybe 700 ? After a few days of vacation.
My advice is to take time on a free day and make your reviews in a few sessions.
Personally I make 100 or 200 reviews sessions and I make twice of 3 times a day. After 2 or 3 days, it´s done. But no need to rush, try to at least go back to your natural pace so you take the habit to do your reviews again. Eventually you will find that getting over your reviews isn´t that hard. Just don´t give up !


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