Quick recommendation for people who are bored of reviews

Hi guys,

I am generally not really looking forwar to the reviews. I basically find anything beyond 10 annoying. This is probably related to my (probable) ADHD, minor health issues, and the pure fact that I am a human being!

But that being said, I found a way to significantly improve my motivation. When I start the session, I immediately press “wrap up” so I only do 10 and match pairs more quickly. This way, my threshold to start feels lower and I get a quick reward whenever I am done. Often this means I am motivated to do 10 more etc., and before I know it, my reviews are done.

I hope this works for you!


I don’t do WK anymore but one thing I do for general SRS now and really helped me when powering through WK was having a music playlist on when I do reviews. I get a bit more wrong since I’m not focusing entirely on the reviews, but it helped me get through long review sessions of even like 100+ at a time when I needed to.


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