Any interest in starting a Game Club for Doki Doki Literature Club in Japanese?

Hmm I can try looking around for some. Steam might be the most accessible route for people but there might be some free indie titles out there. Unfortunately those tend to be PC-only though.

Update: can confirm, everywhere I’ve looked seems to be PC-only darnit.

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HumbleBundle groups games by type and heavily discounts them, — and know they often have Mac or phone-friendly games and they’ve done a few VN bundles in the past.

Hatoful Boyfriend ($10) :bird: helpfully comes with Japanese already and works on most platforms…if people are interested in a Hatoful Boyfriend playthrough, I can keep an eye out for a sale

And of course is the greatest game ever designed, so it’s got that going for it too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It was fun enough paying through once, but I’m not sure I need another go, haha.

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I’ve never even played it, actually :sweat_smile: just watched a let’s play on youtube. She only did one route though, and I kind of wanted to see the others…

i love Doki Doki and i’d love to play it again in Japanese,
but i think my level isn’t good enough yet.

You can’t just copy-paste kanji and words and look them up, right?
I wonder how people do that with physical books, video games etc. as well.
Drawing a kanji for a dictionary or looking up by radical takes quite a lot of time.

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I’m going to say no to Hatoful Boyfriend just because I’m currently playing it in Japanese right now and the Japanese is just as bizarre as the English translation. It’s a simple game but weirdly difficult to read because the things they’re saying are so strange. All this time I thought it just had a weird English translation but nope.

If people are open to paid games, what about the Ace Attorney/ 逆転裁判 series? You can play it on practically any platform and it’s really easy to get both the English and Japanese versions.


Interesting. :thinking: Sounds tricky in Japanese.

Having played two of them in Japanese (逆転裁判1 & 逆転検事2), I think they’re great practice material. ^^ Very diverse vocabulary that you encounter, and the language tends to be quite pragmatic. So no run-sentences and flowery descriptions - very straightforward and clear in the language that it uses.


There’s some thing called OCR which scans the text and figures out what kanji are written there. You can do this via the Google Translate app but if you’re doing it a lot with a visual novel, I believe there are OCR hooking applications out there.

i know, i’ve used google translate before, but mostly it gives me bad translations on-screen (camera mode) that sometimes switch after a few seconds. can you tell it to recognize the kanji only?

Yeah, it was the first game I started with in Japanese after playing the English versions to death. I think they’re a pretty good entry point into playing VNs in Japanese. Another good one would be the Japanese version of Hotel Dusk but unfortunately that’s harder to get a copy of.

Yes. At the bottom select the “scan” button which will just scan the characters. Draw your finger over the characters you want translated then it will bring you to another page where it tells you how to read the word. Its translations still aren’t very good though so I usually use the given reading to look it up again in proper dictionary. If you’re doing this a lot, then it’s a lot of steps which is why I’d recommend using some other method. I don’t know of any apps with OCR hooking to recommend but surely someone around here must know some.


I actually enjoy looking kanji up in the dictionary (…everyone needs a hobby…) and type up sentences as part of my translation process, so I was planning to share that work during the playthrough, if that helps?

I tried it with the disclaimer to see if it was going to be too much for me to commit to and it seemed OK.


Also with (my guess at) furigana


Thank you @Myria for the correction!


This should be ふさわしくない
そうおう needs する, but the Okurigana are no form of する, so it has to be the adjective ^^


Also, for an idea of difficulty: at halfway through Level 11 I have to look up 0-3 kanji per textbox. Often they were repeated in later dialog/narration so I could actually catch on.

Checking the kanji new to me, they were from lvl 13-21 except a few outliers at 50 and 59.

(…can you tell I’m home sick today and bored? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Has anyone here tried KanjiTomo for reading images of kanji? It looks like there was a discussion about it on WaniKani before with good reviews.

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not yet, but i will, thanks!
that thread has other great ideas, like multi-radical lookup or Jisho radical lookup.